Wet and Miserable Spring Weather

Wet, Soggy Purple Martins

It appears that the current weather front crossing Ontario has or will cause damaging winds, flooding and very wet conditions. With this comes the chance of very little insect food for the martins. This would be the best opportunity to train the martins with supplemental food.

At home here in Essex, Ontario, we are feeding a dozen eggs a day either through flipping or using a feeding tray.

If you see your birds with very droopy wings and very little movement, it is time to check the compartments for any dead martins. There is still time to save your martins. It is raining here as I write this post.

Over 40 martins were converted from flipping eggs in the air to a feeding tray. The front page website header is a testament to their very sad plight,

The weather will warm up later this week.