Spring Arrival and Preparation

Where are the martins? Click below:

Purple Martin Conservation Association Scout Arrival Study Map

How To Get Ready for Spring Arrivals

Here are some tips for Getting Ready for The Purple Martin Season on the Purple Martin Forum from Louise Chambers for new members.  Very Useful Louise! The PMCA provides several downloads on the topic of Purple Martins. The following link will provide you with what you will need to get going!

How to Manage and Attract Purple Martins Booklet  (PMCA)

Emergency Feeding

Newhaven Mealworms

George and Alicia Oakley

525024  5th Side Road , Melamcthon,  Ontario,  L9Z 3S7

519-925-2571 or  Email: newhavenfeeders@gmail.com

10,000 for $40  plus tax and shipping – Minimum order 10,000. (updated: April 11, 2018)

At the same time, I would also encourage those of you who have time and energy to be prepared to also feed the martins if required. Provide extra heat to your houses in the form of a light bulb in an adjacent compartment and do monitor their condition. Drooped wings and a listless condition are a serious sign of a declining health condition. On the other hand, it is during these early inclement weather periods that martins are more open to receiving food in the form of crickets, scrambled eggs and meal worms especially when they are stressed.You may wish to add supplementary food on porches or to feeding trays. If the martins are failing, check out the section on Weather and Martin Survival.