From our guest Blogger Mary Wilson

March Purple Martin Meeting 2024

Hello fellow OPMA members!

Hello Purple Martin Friends, 


The map reference below is the PMCA “Scout” Map from 7:20 pm today, March 7th.   The generally mild weather conditions we’ve had this winter have given rise to the prediction by some that our Martins will be back early.    Time will tell.   There are no Ohio reports as of today.

  In 2023 & 2024 the 1st Ohio report was on March 6th.    Once Martins reach Ohio, we know that they are not too far away and that gets us started on doing housing maintenance, pre-nesting, etc., to be ready for that wonderful surprise one morning when suddenly we hear their song.

  We are holding our 1st meeting of the year in a new location.   Here are the details:

Date:     Saturday, March 16 .. .. 9:00 am. Place:    Essex Centre Sports Complex (Shaheen Room), 60 Fairview Ave. W., Essex. Coffee and snacks will be provided.  REMINDER to all who ordered grape jelly – it will be available for pick-up at this meeting, and the final price is $10.00 per can.   We hope to see you soon!

Mary WilsonSecretary-OPMA

Seven-Year-Old Purple Martin Recovered at Holiday Beach April 2, 2022

Ron Delcourt, one of our OPMA members recovered a Purple Martin at Holiday Beach whose band indicated that it was a 7-year-old who made its final journey. Perhaps, this one was one of the early March arrivals there who encountered cold inclement weather conditions for several days and was too weak to recover. This is interesting in that I banded this Martin in 2015 as a nestling. The picture of the Certificate of Appreciation below tells it all.

Setting up a Nest Check Sheet

The Troyer Group has kindly provided landlords a way to monitor their Martin numbers with a very handy nest check sheet. Make multiple copies if you need more. Purple Martin Products has also been generous to provide the Scrambled Egg Recipe for the Purple Martin.