Our Purple Martin Mentors

Our Purple Martin Mentors Can Help

Purple Martin Numbers Increase When You Put Up Housing

Let’s say we each attract 5 breeding pairs of Purple Martins, which fledge a total of 15 young, on average, each year. At the end of 10 breeding seasons how many fledgling martins has our colony site added to the world’s martin population? The answer is 150. Pretty good, but when you consider that only about 35% of those 150 fledglings (or about 53 birds) live to see their first breeding season, our decade of effort is far less impressive.

But look at what happens to fledgling numbers if we each make it a standard part of our annual martin routine to mentor along one new landlord hobbyist who in turn fledges 15 young annually. At the end of 10 years, instead of just 150 fledglings, we and our 10 mentees would have been responsible for fledgling a staggering 1500 martins! But it gets even better. If each of our mentees in turn becomes a mentor the following season, we get into the mathematical realm of chain letters and pyramid schemes, and the number of fledglings at the end of 10 years becomes astronomical.

How We Help

What does an O.P.M.A. Martin Mentor Do?

Once you find your mentor, they will help you  get started on the right foot either through emails or visits to their and your colony site as well as the many other things below.

  • Assist you in choosing the right housing, or in modifying your existing housing set-up with starling resistant entrance holes. (SREH)
  • Help you to set your housing up from the beginning.
  • Show you how to control nest-site competitors.
  • Introduce you to the power of a Dawn song tape or cd.
  • Instruct you in the art of doing nest checks and nest replacements.
  • Get you involved with the friends of the Ontario Purple Martin Association.
  • Provide you information about the PMCA, (Purple Martin Conservation Association) -a leader in research and education.
  • Help you avoid all kinds of mistakes before you get started.
  • Will do as much as they can to help you succeed in becoming a martin landlord.
  • Introduce  you to  Social Media Groups and Media Sources (Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, YouTube)  that provide information about Purple Martins

Your Mentors are Here to Assist

John Balga, Posted: March 2023

In 2022, 93 housing compartments with SRE were set up to house 72 pairs of purple martins .Since moving to this present location, the colony has increased dramatically. 
Besides monitoring housing at home, through the O.P.M.A. four other locations are monitored.

Essex, ON

Phone: (519) 800-2504

Henry WoltingPosted: March 2020

76 cavities all on wooden houses all with SREH holes 

Blenheim, ON

Phone: (519) 809-1094

Ron Delcourt, Posted March 26, 2020

Belcraft Beach, Harrow, ON

Phone: (519) 738-3254

Dennis Shady, Posted March 26,2020

Ambassador Beach, Harrow, ON

Phone: (519) 738-4411

Mary Wilson, Posted March 27,2020

 Leamington, ON 

(519) 326-1710

 Al Hamill, Posted March 28, 2020

 Harrow, ON

Phone: (519) 738-6932

I have a total of 64 cavities made of aluminum, wood and gourds available, and some have nesting trays.