Purple Martins Thriving

It seems from speaking to several landlords in the area that this summer has bode well for the martins with plentiful insects, eggs and a good hatch of young martins. Many of the nestlings are now leaving their housing compartments or about to do so and there are only a handful of premature young who have fell to the ground. Often sub adults are relentless in harassing the young and have pulled them from their perches. Adult birds are oblivious to this behaviour as the fly about providing the necessary nourishment for their young. When the adults arrive, the sub adults just move on to another compartment to continue with their horrible behaviour.

Landlords are encouraged to do daily walks around their housing to retrieve these unfortunate victims. If one is able to determine the compartment from which they have jumped, they can be placed back in their nests.

Roosts will be forming soon so reports will be coming in.