Found A Banded Purple Martin?

What to do if you find a bird band.

Note the Following Information

  1. Your name and address
  2. The band number
  3. The date the band was found or observed
  4. The exact location where it was found or observed
  5. The species of bird, if known
  6. The condition of the bird (alive or dead)
  7. Any other markers on the bird (e.g. colour bands)


Or CALL this toll-free number from anywhere in North America: 


Or WRITE to:

Bird Banding Office
National Wildlife Research Centre
Canadian Wildlife Service
Hull QC K1A 0H3

You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation telling you where and when the bird was banded, and who banded it.

Your contribution is important. Data obtained from recovered bands reported by the public are a critical part of bird banding. The recovery information will be of great interest to the bander and valuable addition to the permanent files of the Banding Office.