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Ontario Purple Martins are on their way! Our first report: 2020-03-26 BLENHEIM, ON Reported by Henry & Elaine Wolting

Why bother?

  • Ontario Purple Martins search out new or existing new housing every Spring and early Summer. Help provide suitable housing for these neotropical migrants. Take that first step! Don’t be surprised if they visit your housing this year.

  •  Despite the best efforts of bird lovers and researchers, the Purple Martin, the largest of Ontario’s swallows, are on the decline, their population down overall 60 percent since the 1970s, and down closer to 90 percent in Ontario. Ontario Purple Martin Association members helped over 900 martin pairs in the 2019 year adding over 3500 fledglings to Ontario’s swallow population.

    80 percent of the juveniles are lost each year.

    S.O.S.-Save Our swallows

    Help OPMA and Nature Canada by participating in S.O.S.


  • Purple Martins, aerial insectivores are totally dependent on man-made housing. They face great threats as they journey from South America each Spring. Why are Purple Martins, the largest of Swallows in decline in Ontario? It could be due to a  number of factors which include Climate Change, Pesticides and Pollutants, Lack of Suitable Housing, Invasive Species, Predation by natural predators, Uncertain Spring Weather, Lack of Suitable Food sources along with their migration as well as predation by domestic cats. Assist and preserve this Swallow Species by learning about their special requirements and housing needs.


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If you would like to participate in OPMA/ Nature Canada’s survey of Ontario’s Purple Martins, please complete and send to martinman@hotmail.com

Purple Martin Colony Survey


Nature Canada Survey
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