About Us

About Us

We believe in the power of Purple Martins to ignite discovery and inspire action. Remember our bird friends in Tomorrowland. Our single goal is to help you to understand the plight we are facing in Ontario to stop the declining population of Purple Martins. Our members will get to know you, and your colony site to set clear expectations, create a plan, and report your Purple Martin success.


Knowledge and Information

We can offer advice and key information to get you on the road to creating a successful Purple Martin site that will contribute to the general population in your local area. It’s not an easy job but with coaching your chances will greatly increase. The row of Troyer Fourteen Compartment Housing units shown in the photograph from a farm in Norwich, Ontario is an example of a properly managed site that others can model in a similar agricultural setting. 70 compartments are offered for the Purple Martins

More About The OPMA

From its very beginning, the Ontario Purple Martin Association has grown into a successful voice in providing up-to-date Ontario Purple Martin Information. Many call upon the membership to assist them with their Martin problems which may include House Sparrows or Starlings and other predators. Emergency feeding will assist you to preserve your colony during inclement situations when the Purple Martins cannot acquire sufficient food.

The photo to the side shows  Purple Martins enjoying a fair-weather day, basking in the sun and taking a rest from feeding near Colchester, Ontario. Most of the housing shown here is the well-accepted Trio M-12K style.


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